Xidian University is a national key university under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education (MOE), which integrates engineering, science, management, liberal arts and economics with electronics and information science as the dominant academic areas. It was approved by the state to be one of the universities funded by national “211 Education Project”, a national program to promote advanced education in China.
   China has been devoting her major efforts to establishing bases of software talents and to improving the general standard and international competitive power of the nation’s software industry. Xidian University grasped the good opportunity and in 2001, on the basis of its previous Software Engineering Institute, established the School of Software as one of the 35 national pilot software schools approved by the state.
   Xidian University organized a leading group for the School of Software with the president of the university himself serving as the head. The leading group, the supreme policy-making body of the School, is responsible for strategic development and long-term planning, investment planning and decisions on key construction projects. The University also set up an executive council for the School of Software and invited experts and entrepreneurs from Xi’an Software Park, IT enterprises, software industry associations and the provincial Department of Information Industry to act as its members. The members provide consultation and advice on the curriculum and instructional methods, and promote intensive cooperation with other software schools, IT enterprises and universities both at home and abroad.
   The School of Software operates as an independent organization led by the dean who is responsible for reporting to the leading group and executive council. It features independent organizational system and independent operation. The School has established various bodies, such as the Academic Committee, the Degree Committee and the Teaching Committee, which are engaged in the work of academic deliberation, degree appraisal, teaching instruction and quality supervision. The School adopts the operating pattern of “one university, two systems”, which means that the School can enjoy high decision-making power in various aspects, such as enrolling new students, distributing funds and engaging teaching and management staff. The School has developed into a special zone in the reform and innovation of the University’s management and operations.
   At present, the School enrolls over 400 undergraduates and over 200 postgraduates in software engineering each year. The School, laying great emphasis on training practical and innovative engineering talents, has become an important instruction base in the western region of the country for cultivating high-level, practical and international engineering software talents.